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Over twenty-five years ago, starting in 1995, Mike Zuzolo began his career as a Registered Commodities Representative (Series 3) with Utterback Marketing Services, serving as both an Associated Person and as Utterback’s livestock analyst. In 2001, Mike and three other partners formed Risk Management Commodities Inc.–a full service brokerage and consulting commodity firm. At RMC, Mike developed the “Overvalue” and “Undervalue” concept of analyzing commodity futures prices, which included integrating and incorporating exchange rates, energy prices, interest rates, and other Macro-economic fundamental factors into his value-level analysis and price forecasting for grains & livestock futures prices. The reputation of Mike’s solid, independent analysis grew, allowing RMC to gain national recognition for its skill in managing risk.

Mike has been on Fox Business News, is often in the Reuters, AFP, Dow Jones and Bloomberg newswires, and has also been periodically interviewed for national business publications including the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s. Mike is also a featured in, the Cattle Network and other commodity-related websites–including foreign sites such as,,, and–have utilized Mike’s opinion in their news stories.

In mid-2009, Mike wanted to take his analysis in a different direction, with the intention of both refining and building upon his value-level analysis, along with better communicating this analysis and his recommendations to clients and subscribers. The result of this decision was the conception and inception of Global Commodity Analytics & Consulting LLC. Headquartered out of his home-office in Atchison, KS, Mike’s office at Global Commodity Analytics & Consulting LLC is as technologically advanced as many offices in cities such as Chicago and New York, with state-of-the-art trading software and real-time quotes. Global Commodity Analytics clears its futures and options trades through one of the premier FCM’s in the country, Straits Financial LLC. When Mike is traveling, his calls are directly forwarded to his colleagues at EFG Group. In Mike’s view, the professionalism and knowledge of the EFG staff when it comes to day-to-day activity in the futures market are unsurpassed in the commodity industry. And in 2011, Mike also began presenting his analysis and outlook around the world, traveling to South Africa and Paris, France.

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