3/30/19 BC-AI Symposium #2

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Initial thoughts from the evening distinguished speaker: keep in mind, this is a faith-based/Catholic college, and as such is searching philosophically & theologically relating to technology and AI. That makes it more important to me as an individual, and I’m hoping helps us together to understand the potential future & impact on the agriculture economy–but most important, the agri–CULTURE.

  • Without a doubt in my mind, the state of technology is indeed different this time around in the speaker’s presentation (Dr. Michael Hanby), in terms of our culture losing its capacity to think…yes, that’s right, we are no longer serious about THOUGHT because we have re-defined key philosophical terms such as Nature & Art.
  • One of the speaker’s comments, “We don’t understand what we are doing and where it leads.” caused me to conclude that progress has become the key to life [my emphasis on the word life]; this has created a situation where technology doesn’t wait-on politics.
  • The speaker also gives us two terms during his presentation, which I will delve more into when I post again behind the AI Tab: these terms are technocracy & bio-technocracy. What is important in these terms–among other things–is that we don’t need political leaders to push technology…and that we have now unleashed a culture and civilization dominated by technology.